Corflute is an optimum solution for tough and reusable signage for any application from Construction to Events. The material’s construction allows the product to be installed and taken down repeatedly while still retaining print quality and integrity.
To maximise a lasting print quality, we use a 100um vinyl hi-tac laminate over the material, and print with UV stabilised latex inks to ensure the best, lasting finish even in full sun.
Although light weight, they are high strength, durable and impact resistant. The Corflute is non-toxic, as well as water and chemical-resistant. Corflute is engineered so you can get the maximum life out of more permanent signage, as the twin wall polypropylene sheeting is specifically designed for the rigours of the outdoors.

ScrimWorks Corflute
5mm Twin Wall Polypropylene
Customized to any size within 2400x1200mm
UV stabilised inks, Solvent inks, Latex inks
Twin Wall Fluted Substrate, Alloy Eyelets
100% recyclable


Corflute is the Industry Standard in Constructions and Events signage across the globe. It's an extremely cost efficient, tough, and weather resistant material that can ensure you're getting bang for your buck. Need proof? Take a look around where ever you are and guaranteed you'll come across it.

There are honestly too many examples to mention - but if you take a look at our "Industries" section - we could hardly name a client who hasn't used this material. Construction Sites and Events use the material most commonly as direction, informative and safety signage, however our good friends at The Standard Bowl gave us the opportunity to make a GIANT cut out of 'The Dude' from the cult film "The Big Lebowski" - AWESOME!!!

For Constructions and Events, we do offer free standard design, and offer a range of unique templates which can be tweaked and twisted to your liking. Businesses such as Next Constructions, Beach Constructions, The Walsh Group, ING Construction and many more have put our design prowess to the test with amazing bespoke results.

The possibilities with this material are limitless - and if you think other wise, you know how to get in touch...